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Food Systems & Philanthropy
This meeting is to consider the following important food system philanthropy related issues:

  1. The future of the Ripe for Change initiative. In recent years Ripe for Change has been the central focus of the AEGN’s food system work, playing an instrumental role in informing members’ understanding of the challenges faced by the food system and the types of interventions philanthropy can be involved with. We would love your input into the discussion about what happens next with Ripe for Change.
  1. A philanthropic response to the stocktake of government programs relating to food and agriculture undertaken by the Centre for Policy Development (CPD) last year. This research was funded by The William Buckland Foundation and the Morris Family Foundation and is a terrific resource for philanthropy. CPD attended the AEGN annual general meeting last year to present the results of the stocktake; unfortunately some members couldn’t attend and there wasn’t time to adequately discuss the implications of the stocktake for philanthropy. This is a great opportunity to hear the results and consider how philanthropy might respond. You can look at the stocktake and presentation here
Date Tuesday 6 February 2018
Time 12.30 to 2.30pm
Location Melbourne CBD, venue TBC (in person or by phone/zoom)
RSVP Esther Abram


Catalyse Greater Giving to Australia’s Environment

Join high level experts, donors and changemakers in an exciting workshop to inform the AEGN’s campaign to raise $50 million for the environment over five years.

Participants will develop a statement outlining:

· The urgent need to protect and restore Australia’s environment

· What could be achieved with better resourcing for the environment

· Key strategic interventions and priority issues

· The roles of governments, philanthropy and others
Special guests – Paul Hawken (Drawdown) and many others

Date Monday 12 February 2018
Time 10.00am to 4.30pm
Location South Room at the Woodward Centre
Level 10, Melbourne Law School
185 Pelham Street, Carlton
RSVP Heidi Taylor



Afternoon tea with Paul Hawken

Paul Hawken is a leading US environmentalist, activist and author. His most recent work, Project Drawdown, sets out a comprehensive global plan to reverse climate change. The project maps, models and describes 100 solutions that will put the world on the path to a climate friendly future. Solutions range from changing the way we grow and consume food, educating girls, family planning and Indigenous land management to renewable energy technologies, transport and better management of highly polluting refrigerant gases.

Join Paul to hear about his vision for Project Drawdown – how this global plan can not only improve lives, create jobs, restore the environment, enhance security and advance human health, but can catalyse substantial and lasting action to address climate change.  Be part of a discussion to explore the role of philanthropy in achieving this.  Then stay for afternoon tea and a chat with Paul and fellow funders.

Date Wednesday 28 February 2018
Time 3 to 4.30pm
Location Melbourne CBD, venue TBC
RSVP Heidi Taylor


AEGN Conference 2018
ECO:Investing – Philanthropy Energising the Green Economy

The green economy is at our doorstep with the promise of delivering unimaginable benefits for the climate and biodiversity, forests and food systems, inland water and oceans. But there are also headwinds at play – corporate, political and economic – which will impact the way our green economy develops and the benefits for our environment. This year’s AEGN conference will ask:

  • What is the state of Australia’s green economy?
  • How can philanthropy influence, energise and invest in the green economy?
  • Why is philanthropy needed and what are the best ideas and opportunities?
  • Who are the experts, leaders and fellow-funders to collaborate with?
Date Tuesday 20 March 2018

8am registrations

8.45am – 5.30pm followed by cocktails, then dinner until 9.30pm

Location View by Sydney, Pier One, Walsh Bay
RSVP RSVP via Eventbrite


Central Australia Field Trip
Sunday 19th to Friday 24th August 2018. Starting in Alice Springs and concluding at Uluru, this trip will exploring biodiversity, Indigenous land management, renewable energy and the issues of climate change in the awe-inspiring landscape of outback Australia. Meet and learn from Indigenous rangers, scientists and practitioners on this six day field trip.  Cost approximately $5,000 excluding flights to Alice Springs and ex Uluru.
Date 19 to 24 August 2018
Location Central Australia
Itinerary & Information AEGN Central Australia Field Trip
Enquiries Ione McLean


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