Justin Maxson

Justin Maxson March 2016 pink trees

Executive Director of the Mary Reynolds Babcock Foundation

Justin leads a philanthropic foundation with a mission to help people and places move out of poverty and achieve greater social and economic justice. Recognising that poverty is complicated, the Foundation supports systemic change, as well as concrete assistance, to lift people out of poverty. The foundation’s vision is anchored in a belief in people, organisations and the power of partnerships. Civic engagement, supportive policy and institutions and economic opportunity are the three pathways along which they seek to progress change.

For 13 years Justin was the President of the Mountain Association for Community Economic Development (MACED). As a community economic development organisation serving Central Appalachia, MACED plays an important role in the Appalachian Transition Initiative. Their work focuses on:

  • Enterprise development, creating new economic opportunities
  • Capacity building to build strong entrepreneurs
  • Program demonstration, trialing big ideas such as the energy efficiency focused House Smart Program
  • Research and policy, to influence government