Sean Dooley

Sean Dooley - Photo

Melbourne author, conservationist and birdwatcher

After following the traditional path to becoming a comedy writer in this country—by studying law at Melbourne University—Sean went on to write for television shows such as Full Frontal, Hamish and Andy and Spicks and Specks and for comedians such as Max Gillies.

In 2002, Sean broke the Australian birdwatching record for seeing the most species of bird in one year; a feat he wrote about in his first book, The Big Twitch. Two books have since followed, one an A to Z of birdwatching, the other, Cooking with Baz, an account of his parents’ battles with cancer.

Sean is currently editor of Australian Birdlife, the membership magazine of Birdlife Australia, writes on matters from bird conservation to footy tipping in publications such as The Age and The Monthly and appears on radio across the country where he has become known as “The Birdman”.