Sue Mathews

Mullum Trust and AEGN Public Officer & Deputy Chair

Sue Mathews became a trustee of the Mullum Trust in 1996.

Her mother, Rivkah, established Mullum in the 1980s to fund environment, education and women’s issues. In 1998 Sue’s brothers Steve and Danny joined as trustees, and collectively they decided to focus the trust exclusively on environmental issues, as they share an awareness of how under-resourced environment is compared with other areas funded by philanthropy, and how urgent is the need for more funding for climate change and biodiversity in particular.  Climate change is Sue’s particular focus – but she also thinks it’s important to keep a sense of humour and hope at the same time as focusing on these sometimes frightening and depressing issues. Sue convenes the AEGN’s Climate Change and Energy Funders Group.

Sue’s background is in radio, television and documentary film production, policy and management. In recent years she has worked with her brothers on sustainably developing two properties inherited from their parents.